Garden City Pottery

THE book on Garden City Pottery:

"Sanfords Guide to Garden City Pottery", by Jim Pasquali, published 1999.

This book can be ordered from a number of sources, including J.R.'s Books.


Examples of Garden City Pottery

deco_vase_in_yellow_side_view.jpg (55635 bytes)
deco_vase_in_yellow_top_view.jpg (42213 bytes)
Deco Vase
florist_vase_11-inch_in_green.jpg (108027 bytes)
florist_vase_11-inch_in_white.jpg (90086 bytes)
Florist Vases, 11-Inch


garden_city_carafe_in_yellow.jpg (12287 bytes) Carafe
garden_city_narrow_ring_casserole_9_inch_in_yellow.jpg (24218 bytes)
garden_city_narrow_ring_casserole_9_inch_in_yellow_bottom.jpg (23773 bytes)
Casserole, 9-Inch
flower_frog_in_orange.jpg (49703 bytes) Flower Frog
garden_city_pottery_my_collection.jpg (214700 bytes) Our collection at
one time (alas, no
longer all still in our




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