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Vernonware Shapes

Vernon Kilns dinnerware was made by painting or applying various patterns onto molded blanks.  During the years that Vernon Kilns manufactured dinnerware, they created and used a number of sets of molds, and these sets are referred to as "shapes".  Thus, a "shape" is really a collection of related molded dinnerware shapes, similar in design details such as the edge detail.  

According to Maxine Nelson's "Collectible Vernon Kilns", this is the list of dinnerware shapes produced by Vernon Kilns while it was in business, in chronological order:

Note that our Pattern ID Gallery includes the name of the shape set for each pattern listed.  You can get an idea of the difference between the pieces in the various shape sets by looking at the pattern photos listed there.

* - The Vernon Kilns official company names for these shapes are given above except for those marked with asterisks; for those, we've shown the names assigned to them by Maxine Nelson, since she didn't have the official company name.  Those names have become accepted and are used by most Vernonware collectors.

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Vernonware Sizes

The sizes of the most common pieces are listed below.  The sizes listed are approximate, and are correct for most of the Vernonware shapes.  The sizes shown are the diameters except where noted otherwise; for oval shapes, the size shown is the longer of the two dimensions of the oval.

  Fruit 5.5"
  Chowder 6" across the bowl, 7.5" across the "lug handles"
  Rim Soup 8"
  Vegetable serving bowl (Round) 9.5" (most common)
8.5" (fairly common)
7.5" (scarce)
  Vegetable serving bowl (Oval) 10.5" 
  Salad serving bowl (Round) 10.5", 12.5", and 14.5" diameter salad bowls were made, and all are scarce.
  Bread & Butter 6.5"
  Salad 7.5"
  Luncheon 9.5"  (common)
8.5" (scarce)
  Dinner 10.5"
  Chop (round) 12.5", 14.5", and 16.5" diameter chop plates were made (16.5" diameter ones are not common)
  Oval  8.5" (scarce)
10.5" (not common)
12", 14", 16"

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