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We sponsor a free, email-based Vernonware newsletter which allows the newsletter subscribers to post questions and answers and generally "chat" about Vernonware.   If you subscribe, you can send email to our list server which is then broadcast out to the other list subscribers, and then they can reply to your email and all the subscribers will see their reply.  It's a great way to ask questions about Vernonware and get information from some of the top experts on Vernon Kilns pottery, who are subscribers to the list.

Remember, it's free, so try it! 

How to subscribe:

Follow either option A or B below (either one should work to get you subscribed!):

  1. Go to the list server home page at this address http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vernonware and follow the instructions there to subscribe. 


  1. Subscribe by email by following these steps:

  1. Send an email to the list server at this address: mailto:vernonware-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to request a subscription.  

  2. The list server will send you a confirmation email and ask that you reply to the confirmation email in order to confirm that you really want to subscribe.  Just press the Reply button in your email program and send back the reply, and your subscription will be complete.

(If you have trouble subscribing, send an email to tim@colling.com and we'll help.)

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We've also provided an archive of back issues of the newsletter so that you can read all the messages posted since the newsletter began:

  1. Click here to go to the back issues archive for the issues which have been posted to the current server at yahoogroups.com
  2. Click here to download the back issues archive for the issues which were posted to the old list server and which are now archived here at the website.  (Note: this will download a zipped file to your computer which contains all the old list server digests in one compressed "zip" file.  You will need a zip file tool such as WinZip to open it and read the contents.)

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To send a message on a new topic to the list, send your email to "vernonware@yahoogroups.com".

To  reply to a message posted to the list by someone else from the list, simply REPLY to is from your email software.  Messages which come from the list server have the list server as the "reply-to" address already set up in the message headers.

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The Vernonware mailing list is maintained on the Yahoo Groups server.  If this page does not contain the info you are looking for regarding the Vernonware list, you can contact the list owner directly by sending email to tim@colling.com  or by referring to the member help center page at http://help.yahoo.com/help/groups/.


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