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THE book on Vernonware: 

Collectible Vernon Kilns: Identification and Value Guide (Collectible Vernon Kilns Identification and Value Guide, 2nd Ed)
by Maxine Feek Nelson (Hardcover - January 2004)


This book is THE must-have resource for the serious Vernon Kilns collector.  Maxine's book, and the earlier editions she wrote prior to this one, are the only comprehensive Vernonware references which exist. 

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Vernonware Newsletter (postal) (No longer in publication).

The Vernon Views newsletter used to be published by a collector in Arizona.  It was a great source of news on collecting all Vernon Kilns' patterns.

Serious Vernon Kilns collectors may wish to purchase back issues when they can find them, for the sake of the information that they offer in addition to the other books and resources available. 

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California Pottery: From Missions to Modernism  
by Bill Stern, Peter Brenner (Photographer)

Hardcover - 108 pages (July 2001) Chronicle Books; ISBN: 0811830683 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.69 x 8.29 x 9.08

This book may be ordered on the web from Barnes & Noble by clicking here.

Written by Bill Stern, a well-known Vernon Kilns expert, this book includes coverage of Vernon Kilns pottery as well as other popular California pottery producers.


  • "I just finished reading the book from cover to cover, including every footnote. A major contribution to and an in depth overview of the California pottery era. I thoroughly enjoyed it." -- Maxine Nelson, author of Collectible Vernon Kilns

  • "The most accessible primer for anyone seeking to better understand what California Pottery is all about… this work is as faultless as it is fun..." -- Steve Soukup, The Journal of the American Art Pottery Association.

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