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Who we are:

This site is owned by Tim & Linda Colling.  We're Vernon Kilns collectors who used to buy and sell Vernon Kilns pottery as an extension to our collecting hobby.  That was a part-time business for us, and we own a Geriatric Care Management business (A Servant's Heart Senior Care) which keep us busy most of the time with our "real jobs".  We created TLC*Antiques as a way to meet other collectors and to improve our own collection, and although no longer actively operate our Vernonware business we still collect Vernonware and other pottery and we're happy to continue to provide this website as a service to the collecting community.

What we collect in Vernon Kilns pottery:

For a list of the pieces that we still need for our own collections, please look at our Items We Want To Buy page.

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Here are some of the dinnerware patterns we collect.   For the complete list, see our Items We Want To Buy page. We use all of them, rotating from one to another every month or two.  Monterey is the pattern that we think of as our pattern for formal occasions.

monterey_bread_and_butter_plate.jpg (49757 bytes)
t-631_bread_and_butter_plate.jpg (65426 bytes)
linda_17_inch_chop_plate.jpg (46380 bytes)
t-632_luncheon_plate_2.jpg (68892 bytes)  

We also collect and use Winfield Bird of Paradise dinnerware.

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Coffee Carafes:

We collect the round coffee carafes with wooden or bakelite handles, and our goal is to collect one carafe from every pattern  for which the round carafe shape was made.   Here are some examples of those carafes - notice that while the patterns change, the shape remains the same.

linda_coffee_carafe.jpg (27438 bytes)
early_california_coffee_carafe_in_dark_blue.jpg (59720 bytes)
Early California
casual_california_coffee_carafe.jpg (116593 bytes)
Casual California
t-704_carafe.jpg (27754 bytes)
Blossoms T-704

Click here and here for links to another photo of part of the carafe collection.  (Incidentally, the pieces on top of the one cabinet are Garden City Pottery.  Garden City Pottery was located in San Jose, California, and was in operation from the 1930s until the early 1970s.  Garden City Pottery is very similar in appearance and "feel" to some Bauer pottery. )

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Much of the information about Vernonware on this website comes from the generous sharing of knowledge and experience by a number of very knowledgeable Vernon Kilns collectors and experts.  

By far, the biggest single source of information on this site and for the Vernonware collecting world in general is "Collectible Vernon Kilns", by Maxine Nelson.  It is the "Bible" of Vernon Kilns information and many of the dates, lists, and other facts quoted on this site come from that source.  If you don't have a copy and you're a serious Vernonware collector, you should find a copy and buy it!  If we don't have copies for sale here on the site, check with the other sites listed on our "Links" page and also on eBay at www.eBay.com. 

Individuals who have made a major contribution to the content on this site include Maxine Nelson, Bill Stern, Bob Hutchins, Kevin Souza, Dennis Donnal, Bette & Will Lallas, Orville Cannon, Celeste Weklych, Ray Vlatch, Michael Pratt, Reba Schneider, Cadia Los, Pat Faux, Rob & Bev Levy, Brent and Sandra Purdom, Kay Bernhard, and many others.  

We have almost certainly overlooked some people in the preceding list, and for that we apologize.  The Vernonware collecting community is large, diverse, and very generous with time, advice, and assistance.  Thank you to all!

Tim & Linda Colling  

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