Winfield China And Pottery

There are no books available that deal exclusively with Winfield China.  There is a nice section on Winfield in this book, though:

Collectors Encyclopedia of California Pottery

By Jack Chipman, publ. April 1999 by Collector Books

Pattern ID Gallery:

Note: this is only a partial listing of the patterns that Winfield China made.  As time goes on, we'll add to this beginning list.

  Pattern Name
avocado_dinner_plate.jpg (18374 bytes) Avocado
bamboo_dinner_plate_from_brochure.jpg (94807 bytes) Bamboo
winfield_bird_of_paradise_dinner_plate.jpg (9922 bytes) Bird of Paradise
dragon_flower_dinner_plate_from_brochure.jpg (125960 bytes) Dragon Flower
tiger_iris_dinner_plate_from_brochure.jpg (90463 bytes) Tiger Iris

Pieces Made:

Here is a brochure, probably from the 1950s, showing some, but not all, of the pieces made in three of the patterns

winfield_brochure__cover_medium_size_WITH_legend.jpg (81631 bytes)

winfield_brochure__pieces_listing_medium_size_WITH_legend.jpg (154527 bytes)

Where to Buy:

  1. The place to check first is eBay, at
  2. After that, you can check most of the websites listed on our Links page at this location:  Links
  3. Usually, you can also find what you're looking for at Replacements Ltd, at 1-800-REPLACE or at this web address:  Replacements Ltd. has a huge selection, and their prices are often on the high side.



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